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About Acoustic Strawberries Designs

The quick backstory: Acoustic Strawberries was a silly little idea of an alternative fashion brand by two girls on summer vacation over twenty years ago.

Many years ago, on a vacation that I believe included my first trip to Austin, my sister and I had an idea of an alternative fashion brand. We landed on the brand name Acoustic Strawberries, sketched a little logo, and went on with life. We’d bring it up every few years, how cool it would be if we could make it happen. Instead, after finishing up college, we went into business together founding a shop at a medieval festival.

It’s been five years since my sister passed away, and I’ve revisited the idea of Acoustic Strawberries. Rather than just being a fashion brand, I’ve founded it as an alternative design brand for print-as-you-buy items. From fabrics, to tee-shirts, to mugs and journals, Acoustic Strawberries will all be items that are finished through print houses that are excellent at what they do, so that I can enjoy creating weird and wonderful designs for you!

As of posting this, designs are currently available in my Spoonflower shop. From fabrics, to wallpapers, to pillows and bedding, there are a plethora of options for Acoustic Strawberries Designs through Spoonflower.

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